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Poorva and Endre – Wedding in Ludhiana

We’ve shot weddings across India, be it a destination wedding in Udaipur or a beach wedding in Goa, This one is very close to our heart, we had so much fun making pictures for Poorva and Endre. Here’s their story.

It all started with an email, “My Best friend is tying the knot! Need your help! :)” Poorva’s friend had reached out to us and told us about Poorva, who was getting married to the love of her life in the month of Jan, 2014. She told us about Endre and Poorva’s story and we were thrilled from the very moment to shoot their wedding.

Pre Wedding Shoot Ludhiana

The groom, Endre, a Hungarian and Poorva a Punjabi girl dreaming to tie the knot in Ludhiana, India.

Pre Wedding Shoot Ludhiana

We were very thrilled to hear their story and were excited to shoot their beautiful wedding.

Invisibly tied to her with a string, he moves as she moves and stops as she does; he can follow her to the ends of the earth just to be on her side. Nothing in this world can keep them apart. Experience the depth and ethereal beauty of their love.

Pre Wedding Shoot


Pre-Wedding Shoot

Sangeet Wedding Photography

Reception Wedding Photography

(A lot of hard work went in to create this picture :D, We planned the shot in the day and lit the entire swing with tiny lights and created this image for Poorva and Endre during their Cocktail/Reception)




Bride Portrait

Bride Running to get married

(The moment I could, I ran to you – Poorva)

Groom Entry

Groom Entry

Groom Entry Ludhiana

Groom Portrait

Bride Entry


Bride Entry

Bride Meets Groom

Indian Wedding Photographer

Indian Destinaion Wedding Photographer

Wedding Mandap

Destination Wedding Photographer


Wedding Photographer India

Wedding Ceremony Finished

(The wedding ceremony was beautiful, The pandit ji chanted all the mantras in Hindi while Poorva translated and explained each and every mantra in English to Endre)





(Team CandidTales)



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