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Gagan & Kimi – Destination Wedding – Chunda Palace, Udaipur

Udaipur, everytime we go back their, we fall in love with that beautiful city – serene lakes, lush landscapes, tall mountains and an amazing culture. We recently got the opportunity to capture Gagan and Kimi’s destination wedding, they chose the beautiful Chunda Palace in Udaipur for their wedding celebrations, having shot 2 more weddings before at the same venue, it was a challenge for us to create something new for them.

They had two days celebrations at Chunda Palace. Day one started with with small family rituals, followed by Mehendi & Sangeet, which was full of energy and smashing moves. The second day started with the wedding ceremony at a Gurdwara and a glittery reception in the evening, where we also played the same day edit(attached at the end of the post).

It was fun creating photos for this lovely couple, who were so warm throughout the two days we were there.

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